Day 1: Departure to Chicago/Las Vegas

20180626_082801-02.jpegMy big girl vacation is finally here! I feel so fancy! Today I will travel from Kalamazoo to Chicago and depart from Chicago to LAS VEGAS! And the first of many “firsts” to start this trip off with…

A train ride! I’ve never rode on a train! Before I hopped my ride, my hubby snapped the first photo of me officially on vacation. I then sat in the train station for 45 minutes anxiously waiting for the train to arrive. Hearing it chugging in, choo-chooing, got my chest all tight with excitement and it was hard not to crack a little smile. The doors finally opened and everyone forms a line to get on and pick a seat. I’m pretty sure the hardest part about traveling solo is deciding which stranger to sit next to. Instead of choosing the stranger, I took a gamble and picked the seat with the earbuds and phone lying on the tray without the occupant. Luckily, he was friendly and stuck the earbuds in for the ride.

IMG_20180626_145956_783.jpgSo while I’m getting comfortable on the train, checking my phone and flight status, I realize my flight has been canceled! It’s my first trip and of all the things to go wrong, this would be it. I call the airline and work it out with a new flight. The only hangup was pushing my flight back 2 hours. At least I didn’t have to worry about not having enough time to navigate to the airport. So what does a person do with 2 extra hours before a flight? Curl their hair in the terminal and use their webcam as a mirror. Probably my favorite public “peacock” moment. It was pretty resourceful considering there weren’t any outlets in the bathrooms but I can’t explain that to every passerby staring. *shrug*


So finally on to the outfit…

Pictured, I am wearing a yellow tie-dye hooded tank top that I made from scratch. The material is thin, stretchy and form fitting. I love that it has a yoga look and feel. I paired it with leggings and sandals for a comfortable travel outfit.



It is finished with ribbing as the trim on the armholes and hood. I used my triple stretch stitch on my sewing machine to top stitch the armholes and hood also. The bottom edge is finished off with a thick waistband.

Above, you can see the top stitching to the collar and hood. I took the hood piece and overlapped the ends to fit. If you attempt a neckline style like this and want to add a hood, make sure your hood is really tall to accommodate for the smaller neck opening. I personally like more drape-y type hoods.






Overall, I was really happy with this finished top. I don’t think I could have chosen a more comfortable shirt to travel in!











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