Day 1: Arrival to LAS VEGAS!

I originally did not have an outfit planned for Vegas to incorporate a handmade piece. I own tons of garments that could have been worthy for the occasion but, at the last minute, I remembered I had this harlequin knit fabric stashed away for a cool project. I thought a tube top would be perfect for the retro look I like to go for and the keeping the Vegas heat in mind!


To use as a pattern, I took a tube top I already owned and copied the construction. This top also has a shelf bra sewn in for extra support and a more flattering fit. I top stitched the chest line and hemmed the bottom using my cover stitch machine.


Piecing the front and back panels together.


I paired the top with my super cute stretchy denim sailor shorts along with my tattoo print mary janes by Hot Chocolate Shoes. Seriously, check out these shoes! Adorably cute and comfortable!


For one only night in Vegas and only having time to strut around the strip, I was overall quite comfortable and feeling vintage cute and confident in this outfit! It was a great last minute fashion decision!

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