Day 2: Arizona

The fabric behind the garment I chose to wear in Arizona was actually inspired by the desert itself. I had picked up a remnant bundle of fabric at a local fabric store. The color reminded me of sandstone, making it the perfect color palette to choose a piece to wear visiting the Mojave Desert. Our first stop was to see the infamous Hoover Dam!


I actually had 2 pieces to choose from to wear. I ended up going with these drawstring shorts. They are the perfect blend of cotton and stretch. I wore these in the car for several hours and the material didn’t lose it’s fit at all! That made these shorts my new favorite.


Kingman, Arizona was our next stop. My brother and I stopped to visit with our grandparents for the day. We had a tasty dinner at a local steakhouse. Good thing the shorts have some give for all that food!

To make these shorts, I took a pair of my favorite comfy shorts and used them as a guide. I made a few modifications to get a better fit and added the drawstring. I think the drawstring really pulled together the look I wanted from these shorts. The cut and color of the tank, I feel, complimented the shorts as well. I could bear the desert heat just fine in this outfit and it would not be complete without my favorite pair of Teva flipflops for all the walking!

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