Day 3: The West Coast


Okay, so this day is kind of a wardrobe cheat. Before you start throwing tomatoes, hear me out! I planned this vacation to include as many handmade pieces as I could make and bring in ample time. For this day, I brought shorts I made but not shorts I necessarily made for this trip exclusively. One of my hubby’s and my hobby is disc golfing. We go nearly every day and cart our two boys around with us. It’s usually how we spend “family day”. So, while visiting my brother in Huntington Beach, which is home to the very first disc golf course, I obviously had to get him out for a round! I posed in front of the pro shop, wearing a pair of black yoga shorts I made, holding a brand new Innova Leopard disc. Eeek!


Originally when I had made these shorts, the first few pairs were actually maternity shorts. I got into making my own maternity clothing during my last pregnancy because holy cow, maternity wear is so expensive and after going through one pregnancy already, I knew what I did and didn’t enjoy wearing. But that will be a whole separate blog post down the road! So back to this pair… I took the maternity shorts and drafted a new pattern. I brought the waistline back up in the front and shortened the waistband to a regular height. Other modifications were made to the fit and length of the shorts since I no longer needed to fit my pregnant body. My motivation for making these shorts was for the sole purpose of exercise. If I could motivate myself to make my own workout attire, then I would certainly be hopping to it and actually working out. So I did!


The rest of the day was spent eating delicious food at local eateries and strolling up the coast to view the Pacific. Treasure Island is where I finally dipped my feet into the salty ocean water!


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