Day 4: Hollywood/LA Fashion District/Santa Monica

Hollywood Hike

Day 4 was a big day and included two separate outfits. In the morning we did the Hollywood Hike to view the sign. It was literally a “hike”. Four miles to be precise and we didn’t even make it up right next to it! I had made a two piece outfit of pink crushed velvet that my husband so lovingly calls “funeral fabric”. Kind of morbid, but it also motivates me to make more velvet clothing to wear around him just so I can rub up against him in my casket clothes. Haha.


Over the 2 piece outfit, I paired a reversible mesh tank and my favorite kicks for a more “athletic” look.


Getting under the mesh, you can see the actual outfit even down to the accessory…yup, made that too! I have several photos of me from the late 90’s sporting the scrunchie on the wrist in case of a ponytail emergency but mostly because I thought it was cute. Still do. I made this outfit thinking it felt like a very “LA” style, whatever that is because I am from no where near Los Angeles. I’m just a sucker for velvet. Once I matched the shorts to the mesh shirt, I needed something to go under it and voila! there came the matchy tube tank!

Now, disclaimer on my photos, this is a pretty raw depiction of myself and my body. I’m not perfect, neither are my photos or modeling skills. I roped my brother into my being my vacation photographer which he was absolutely thrilled about *insert sarcasm*. So I’m kinda of left to do it all, be the seamstress, model, photographer-ish and editor. Maybe one day when I am legit and stuff, I can have a real photographer. Haha. But for now…

Walk of Fame

Now listen, one of the main reasons I wanted to visit the Walk of Fame was inspired by a photo of Katy Perry posing next to an empty star before she was ever famous. I’m a well known Katy Cat but I am little embarrassed that I didn’t do my research and came to find out my girl doesn’t have her own star yet. I guess I will have to come back for my long anticipated photo with her star another time. I did get a cute snapshot with Miss Minnie Mouse who was recently inducted this year and just so happened to be awarded her star by Katy Perry herself.


For the Walk of Fame, I am wearing polka dot leggings which I made to pair up with various vintage style shirts and shoes. I am obsessed with this fabric. Its a brushed matte jersey and every time I go to the fabric store, I buy it. I don’t know why I haven’t bought a bolt by now or several because I am always keeping it on hand. It makes the perfect leggings and yoga pants and is also the same type of fabric I used to make the yoga shorts pictured in my Day 3 blog post.


I had been dying to bust out this muscle tank to wear and I had been saving it for my trip. I bought it from a pinup artist on Instagram, meljo_jojo. Check out her work! It matched my leopard print mary janes perfectly. Yes, another pair of Hot Chocolate Shoes. I am telling you, they are gold! On my wrist is a zombie pinup wristlet clutch that I made as well. The hoop is also removable. Bonus.

LA Fashion District and Santa Monica

For the rest of the day, I wore the same outfit as the Walk of Fame. With the order of plans, I wasn’t able to wear the 2 piece to the Fashion District like I originally planned. The fashion district was so crowded, I wouldn’t have even been able to snap photos of what I was wearing anyway. The lack of selfie stick didn’t help. But after 3 hours of exploring, I was able to get my hands on some fabric!

We ended the day in Santa Monica, eating on the pier at The Albright. For dessert, CANDYTOPIA where all my sweet dreams came true! It is literally an art gallery made of candy and they give you candy. If it was 2010, it would have been a Katy Perry heaven.

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