Day 5: Huntington Beach

The “Suit”

I’ve been pretty excited about posting this bathing suit because I am just obsessed with it! The color, the fit, design…everything! I love the feeling of achievement when I can wear something I personally made. After 2 kids, I feel pretty good about wearing a bikini made to custom fit my mom bod. I’ve been seeing this “wrap” design a lot lately and decided to create my own pattern.

I don’t know about other people but, I can speak for myself when I say, clothing shopping gets harder the older I get. I am much more picky about how things fit now that I have become more familiar with my body shape and learning how to dress it. Bathing suit shopping has ALWAYS been a struggle. When the top fits, the bottoms don’t. When I like the top but hate the design of the bottom. When I find the right size in the bottoms I like and there’s no top to go with…sigh.

I will say, though, I wish I hadn’t waited until day 5 to feature this suit because I like to eat, especially when I visit new places. Modeling a bathing suit after gorging on food is a probably not the greatest idea. Haha. Oh well.


Here I am in all the tie dye glory!


Standing in my true awkward form…

One of the best parts about this bikini is the coverage in the top. I also made the bottoms to have extra coverage in the front and just a touch cheeky in the back.


I used a pair of string bikini bottoms as my pattern and with some modifications to the fit, I got the result I wanted. I self drafted the top using a bralette as a guide to make a pattern. While I was in the LA Fashion District, I picked up several yards of various swimsuit fabrics to get a tutorial out soon! Stay tuned!

*a huge thank you to my brother for hosting my stay and being my photographer for the week!*

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