New beginnings…

It has been entirely WAY TOO LONG since my last blog post. After my trip, things got really busy on the home front and unfortunately I had to place my focus elsewhere. Now that the dust has settled, I AM BACK and ready to blog my butt off! I have managed to squeeze in a few projects for myself recently. I pulled off a cute turkey day dress, whipped up a cardigan and a pair of boho flares!

But what I am most excited about is the new direction I’ve taken in sewing in hopes to shift my skill set toward using more professional methods. One thing that has long piqued my interest in sewing was watching Project Runway. I had no idea what they were doing but it all looked so fascinating and intense! All the draping, pinning, measuring…I’ve always wanted to do all that and make those fancy garments with ruffles, pleats, and gathers. I sifted through some YouTube tutorials and found some videos on how to drape to create patterns. After watching one video, I knew I needed to adopt this concept now, like right now. I literally went to the store, bought new supplies, searched for professional dress forms (which I will be buying one now!) and went to my dress form and got to draping my fresh muslin to draft a sweetheart bustier. It was so completely satisfying, I cannot even tell you. It wasn’t perfect the first time and it took a couple drafts but it felt so rewarding! I totally geek out over this stuff, you don’t even know! When it comes to garments, I exclusively sew with knits so I am excited to finally incorporate wovens and really tap into my unused creative space! I hope to take this drafted bodice and turn it into a cute summer dress for fun events, weddings and date nights with the hubby. 

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