My Vacation Challenge

A couple of months ago while I was mentally planning my vacation, I kept thinking about what I wanted to wear to all of the places I would be visiting. This days away vacation is such a huge deal to me because, as an adult who has been adulting for long enough, I have never been on a legitimate vacation. I guess you could count Disney World in 1995 but that vacation is vintage now. Literally. So, I am just a Mitten girl heading to the West Coast to finally dip my toes into an ocean. Yes, I said an ocean because I’ve never seen one. I know, right? I get a lot of thunderstruck reactions. But it doesn’t stop at ocean…I get to personally see the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas, Arizona, The Hoover Dam, Hollywood, San Diego, LA, and log some road trip hours in between. I am beyond excited; like a kid in a candy shop and if you know me, it’s no secret that I love sweets. So, while I was shopping around for things I thought I might want to bring, I said hold up! Why don’t I just make clothes to bring!?

*forehead smack*

After completing the first couple of items, I decided to give myself a “challenge” to see how many pieces I could make and bring with me to wear. Some pieces are just simple and casual, others are a little more funky. Building from this challenge, I will be blogging on each specific piece, why I choose it, and where I am wearing it! I am really geeked for this part to really kick off my blog!

Golden State, here I come!

Sew Frock’n Cute!

IMG_20180606_230804_563.jpgYou guys! It’s my first official blog post! You don’t know how excited I am! But also noyvous, hold the phone while I get it together…

*shake it off*

As my toddler says, “shew!” Okay so, (mmm…cheeeeese) I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a couple of years now. It’s just coming to fruition now for a few reasons…When I wanted to start a blog, I honestly had no clue how to even begin. Admittedly, I am still in the same boat, but I am living by a line my husband always used to drop me, “just go with it”. So here I am. In the last few years, I have basically taught myself how to sew by watching channel after channel on YouTube. I really wanted to learn how to sew my own clothes and just about anything that requires needle, thread, and some fabric. I also ventured out and opened an Etsy shop as a side hobby while I continued to learn. It became a quest to find new channels to subscribe to and new tutorials to watch. Soon enough, I was hopping on my sewing machine that once intimidated the crap out of me and sewing my own versions of my favorite garments and constructing pieces totally from scratch. It used to be when my thread ran out, I’d yell for my husband to come change it for me! Needless to say, progress has been made and I can successfully change my own thread now. Haha.

While searching and searching for new projects and methods to sewing, I’ve wanted to give myself a platform to share what I know. It tickles my heart to share my work. My goal is to inspire individuals as I have been inspired. Stay tuned for creative content and upcoming tutorials.

Welcome to Sew Frock’n Cute! Now let’s make some frock’n cute stuff!